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To request a career coaching as a current Norton Healthcare employee, please log into the
Norton network with your username and password, then copy and use the following link:

The Norton Scholar Program is held accountable to the Truth in Lending Act. (TILA)

The Truth in Lending Act requires the student borrower to submit a signed self-certification form before a private education contract can be consummated. This form serves two purposes: (1) again informing the borrower about other options for financing their education; and (2) providing information about the student’s educational expenses and other aid.

You have a right to cancel this transaction, without penalty, by midnight on , 3 days from the date of executive approval. No funds will be disbursed to you or to your school until after this time. You may cancel by calling us at 502-446-5835.
If you are approved for funds the terms will be available for execution for 30 days from the date the contract is issued (terms will not change during this period, except as permitted by law).